quando la qualità non teme confronti
anni di esperienza fanno la differenza
più pulizia, più igiene, uguale più soddisfazione
Nursery mod. CIL-TECH 70 / CIL-TECH 70AS
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flag itaMade in Italy


brevettato cil tech 70AS cil tech 70


This is the last model of the hospital cage's category, it has been designed by VPL following the three key words present in our mission.



             innovative... in technology (continues...)

                                        ecological... in the consumption (continues...)

                                                    hygienic... in the building tradition (continues...)


All these characteristics make CIL-TECH
a valid instrument for the vets
and other professionals in every sector of pet animals.



Technical Features
Size: W 690 x H 660 x D 535 mm
Inner side: without any kind of electrical equipment therefore safer and easier to clean
Power supply voltage: 220÷230 Volt - 50 Hz
Fan: NO
Heating: 4 heating panels, 50 Watt each one's
Inner light: led light (optional)
Heat setting regulation: on the bottom, on the side or a both
Average power consumption (ΔT IN-OUT = 15°C): 32 Watt·h
Control of temperature: digital heat regulator with setting temperature by display
Range of use: 20÷38 °C
Safety device: signal alarm with buzzer and turning off the heating panels if the temperature inside the chamber is of 2°C higher than the one set in it
Accuracy: ±0,2 °C
Closing front element: CIL-TECH two sliding elements on tracks. CIL-TECH-AS is formed by one closing front element with inside it two sliding elements on tracks
Internal tray: Yes